You must be aware of this when choosing a padel bat

Finding the right padel bat to suit your preferences can be difficult, as we all have different playing styles, levels and preferences.

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But to get as close to the right thing as possible, you can benefit from following our guide, which takes you through 7 topics that are all relevant to which bat you choose.

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We will go through the following, where we will explain to you what it means for the bat and what you should pay attention to:

  • Battet's main form
  • The surface of the batt
  • Weight / Balance
  • Grip
  • Price
  • Age group (junior / adults)

1. Your level / Battet's main shape

To find the padel bat that suits your playing style, you have to look at the shape of the bat, and here there are 3 different shapes of padel bat.

Circular: The circular bat sweetspot is centered in the middle, which means if you hit the ball in the middle of the bat, you hit the ball cleanly. This head shape is most often used in bats where more control is desired. If you are a defensive player who is good at placing precise and difficult balls for the opponent, then a circular bat is definitely for you.

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Diamond-shaped: The diamond-shaped bat sweetspot sits a little higher up on the bat head, so here you have to hit the ball higher up on the head to hit it cleanly. This head shape is most often used for bats where you want the most possible power in hitting. If you are an aggressive player who loves to hit the ball out of the field and decide the duels, then this main form is for you.

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Drop-shaped: The drop-shaped bat sweetspot lies right in the middle of circle-shaped and diamond-shaped, which means that you do not have to hit the ball right in the middle or at the top of the head. The drop-shaped bat is most often used for the all-round player who can do a bit of everything, or for the beginner who has not yet fully developed his playing style. So if you are a beginner or a more all-round player, this is the bat for you.

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2. The surface of the batt

There are 4 different types of surfaces, with each of these surfaces making a slight difference in your strokes. Here you must be aware that you choose a surface that suits your level and playing style.

Smooth and matte surface: The smooth and matte surface gives almost the same feeling in the game, here the holes of the bat grip the ball and they define the direction and spin of the ball. If you are a beginner, we recommend choosing a bat with a smooth or a matte surface, as it is the easiest to play with and gives good forgiveness in your stroke.

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Patterned surface: This patterned surface allows the player to get a little bit more grip on the ball, which also means that the bat is not quite as forgiving. But here it is easier to screw up the ball, which can deceive the opponent. If you are a slightly experienced player, you can advantageously choose a bat with a patterned surface, as you will be able to develop your strokes and game with this.

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Rough surface: The rough surface works in the same way as the patterned surface, but with a little more grip. This allows the player to get a bit more grip on the ball, which also means that the bat is not quite as forgiving. But it is therefore easier to screw up the ball, which can deceive the opponent. If you are a slightly experienced player, you can advantageously choose a bat with a rough surface, as you will be able to develop your strokes and game with this.

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3. Weight and balance

When you look at the different bats, they all have different weights and different weight distribution. This can change the control, smash power and movement on the court. Here, a heavy bat is not better than a light bat or vice versa, it's just a matter of which preference you have as a player.

If you are a young player, a woman or suffer from elbow/shoulder injuries, you can advantageously choose a bat at the lighter end of the weight scale. Since a heavy bat is more difficult to control and is hard on the arm to carry and control.

In addition to looking at the weight of the bat, you can also look at how the weight is distributed on the bat. This is of great importance for power and control.

Head-heavy padel bat: A head-heavy bat means that most of the weight is at the top of the bat's head. This has the advantage that you get more power in the ball. The downside to a head-heavy bat is that it can be harder to control. If you have problems with shoulder or elbow injuries, do not choose a head-heavy bat.

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Headless padel bat: A headless bat is where the majority of the weight is at the bottom of the bat, which gives better control, but this means that you get a little less hitting power. If you are a beginner or an experienced player who wants a bat that can provide maximum control, a light-headed bat is a good choice for you.

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Neutrally balanced padel bat: A neutrally balanced bat is where the weight is equally distributed in the head of the bat, and this is not where it determines whether the bat is more focused on control or power. So if you are a more all-round player or a beginner, you can advantageously choose a bat that is neutrally balanced.

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4. Grip

When you assess whether a padel bat is right for you, you must of course also pay attention to the grip of the bat. The grip is incredibly important for how you can control it and thereby also how you perform on the court.

Different lengths: The different brands make their bats with different lengths, here, for example, Babolat has made a longer grip on their bat, so that you have the opportunity to use both hands in a backhand stroke. On the other hand, the NOX has a slightly shorter grip, so it fits your hand as best as possible.

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So here it is about finding a bat that suits your preferences.

Is the grip the right shape? When you get the bat in your hand, it must lie well in the palm of your hand and it must not feel too big or too small. Virtually all bats have grips with the same shape, but there is a big difference in thickness. You can always change the grip on a padel bat if you want a different grip or change/apply overgrip if you want more/less thickness.

Do you have tennis elbow, a bad wrist or something else? So pay attention to whether the grip is shock-absorbing. Otherwise, you can advantageously purchase a Hesacore grip or a Shockout grip which is extra shock absorbent.

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Choice of overgrip: There is a sea of ​​different overgrips, each of which has its own advantages. They can both be extra shock absorbent, sweat absorbent and feel different on the surface. We always recommend buying extra overgrip for your bat, as it wears out quickly and can be advantageously replaced for a better playing experience.

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Finally, it would also be an advantage if the handle is equipped with a cord that you can wrap around your wrist. This will make it a lot easier to control the bat and avoid throwing/dropping the bat and thereby damaging it.

5. Price

In addition to having the right head shape, balance, weight and surface, the right padel bat for you must also be available at a price that suits you.

Typically, a bat costs somewhere between DKK 400-3500, depending on brand and quality.

At these prices, you are guaranteed a padel bat from one of the world's leading suppliers in the sport, which is guaranteed to be used many times and give you a great game.

7. Age group

You can advantageously investigate whether the padel bat is aimed at a certain age group, as bats are made for children and juniors.

These bats are always called "Kids or Junior" in the name, so there should be no doubt whether it is for children or adults.

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VIDAR is a well-established brand from Sweden that makes bats in the top class.
This can be seen, among other things, in that they have some of the absolute best Swedish players on the team.

Read more about the models and technologies below.


Check the bat


The Motion model is the round bat with the sweet spot in the middle.
This means that this model is focused on control. The Motion model is characterized by the low balance, which makes the bat feel incredibly easy to control in the difficult situations of the game.



The Pro model is made in a 12k carbon, which makes the Pro models the hardest. The higher carbon value gives the bat a harder surface, which can give a better feeling and sensation at a higher level.



All the new 2023 models from VIDAR weigh only around 350g +-
Each bat is weighed individually, so that the production side is 100% sure that the bats are as similar as possible.
The low weight makes the bats feel incredibly light, which is clearly a big advantage for the majority, as it is easier to control and it is gentler on the arm and shoulder.

ATTENTION The VANTAGE PRO GR weighs like the only bat +375g, as it was developed specifically for Gonzalo Robio.



The attack on all Vidar models has the same deep pattern, which can help to grip the ball better, and thereby generate more spin.